~ Sharlette Pumphrey ~
Spiritual Medium

After-Death Communication Sessions:

After-death communication is possible, because we do not die.  I believe that we are not human beings with a Spirit, but Spirit Beings having a human experience.  We have only one life, but it has many chapters - many lifetimes - in which we strive to reunite with our Creator.  We incarnate on the earth plane in order to quickly learn and teach spiritual lessons.  We come to earth in order to perfect our Soul...to be the best we can be at any moment in time.

A "side effect" of spiritual development is psychic development.  Developing spiritually raises your vibration which makes it easier for you to communicate with Spirit Beings and easier for them to communicate with you.  

Because you are a Spirit Being having a human experience, the ability to communicate with your loved ones and other members of your spirit family is simply remembering what you already know how to do.  We are all mediums and are psychic - just in different stages of development.  Spiritual development is how I learned mediumshp.  If I can learn at the age of 42, then you can too!

If you wish to have a private communication session with me, please do not give me any personal details about your Loved One.  I will share with you everything I receive from the members of your Spirit Family.  The process will be similar to "cosmic charades."  I have clues/symbols for some things but not everything they want to share with me.  I will need your response as to whether or not you understand the information that is given to me from your Loved Ones.

I have learned that your loved ones know what they are talking about - even if you don't understand during your session.  So do not be concerned if you do not understand all of the information provided by your Loved ones.  The messages may be for other family members or even friends.  Just be sure and share that information with them.  Then the validation you receive will provide more confirmation of the continued life and presence of your Loved Ones.
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