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Spiritual / Self-Empowerment Hypnosis 
“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life”

Hypnosis is often considered an altered state of consciousness…that point of total relaxation of body and mind prior to sleep….in which you chose to see only what is relevant to your task - blocking out everything else. Hypnosis involves guided concentration and you are always in control. It is a natural state of mind in which you are in communication with your Higher Self / Soul – a communication that provides you with a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth.

At the deeper level of your consciousness, there is a Source (your Higher Self / Soul) of knowledge and understanding, not only as to the nature of your problems, but also the causes of each problem and the needed remedy.  

Within your subconscious mind, there exists a level of wisdom and insight far surpassing that available in your usual state of consciousness. With the use of hypnosis, it is possible for you to transcend both time and space, recall and relive distance memories, some even from the initial separation from our Creator.  

The human soul is eternal, and though physical death marks the end of one life, it is the beginning of the next chapter of your Book of Life. To help us focus on the lessons of our current life, most of us are born without conscious memory of what came before.

The subconscious mind or Soul is also the seat of all memory. A major benefit of hypnosis is its ability to uncover and bring into the light of understanding, the buried information or experience, which may be the cause of a current-life disorder.

When the time is right, past-life memories can be beneficial. They can reveal your life’s purpose and help heal current wounds. Conscious past-life recall can also help you clear karmic imbalances and discover latent skills and talents carried over from previous lifetimes. Hypnosis can be used to further the evolution of your Soul.

Higher-Self Hypnotic Meditation CD
For Spiritual / Psychic Development

The single most important step in your spiritual advancement is daily meditation.  This creates a strong connection between your Higher Self, members of your spiritual family, and you.

The truth about spiritual and psychic development is that it takes dedication and practice...spending at least one hour a day in meditation is recommended by many professional mediums and psychics, including myself.

This CD is for the person who is serious about their spiritual / psychic development.  It will guide you on a journey through nine of your chakras where you will be guided to cleanse, align, and balance each one.  You will then be guided on a journey to the highest level of your consciousness, where you will be able to connect with your Higher Self and/or members of your spirit family....your Angels, Spirit Guided, and Loved Ones.

The CD is approximately 79 minutes long with 5 tracks.  The tracks provide you with the flexibility of listening to all or one of the tracks during your meditation.  

Track 1:  Introduction:  2.42 minutes.
Track 2:  Progressive Relaxation:  7.38 minutes.
Track 3:  Chakra Cleansing:  19.55 minutes
Track 4:  Higher-Self Connection:  37.32 minutes.
Track 5:  Hypnotrance Music:  11.45 minutes.

You can buy it now for the special price of only $24.95 plus shipping and handling.