~ Sharlette Pumphrey ~
Spiritual Medium

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The Soulstar Clearing
~ Bring Your Soul’s Mission Alive ~

The Soulstar or eighth chakra is a non-localized energy field located in the center of the spiritual layer of the human energy field.

The Soulstar is the cellular memory area for the energy of your Soul’s mission. It is in essence, the Book of your Soul.

The Soulstar contains the patterns of karmic memory that you are working to heal in this lifetime, as well as, the complete plan for your specific Soul’s mission within this lifetime.

The Soulstar clearing can:

  • Amplify the energy of your Soul’s mission and increase the potential that it will manifest.
  • Bring insights about your Soul’s mission into your conscious awareness where you can envision your mission.
  • Embrace your Soul’s mission and align your self-will with the energy of your Soul’s mission.
  • Clear your fear of living your Soul’s purpose so that you can enact your mission.

It is very important that your energy field be clear before the Soulstar clearing technique is performed. Therefore, I recommend at least three IET sessions before this technique is provided to you.