~ Sharlette Pumphrey ~
Spiritual Medium

​Spirit Guide Communication

Spirit Guides are spiritual beings who have lived and experienced at least one lifetime on earth.  This earthly experience gave them the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to be of service to those of us living on earth now.  They have reached a high spiritual level and are with us to help and guide us when we ask for guidance.  It is Universal Law that they can only  help us after we have requested their assistance.

Your Spirit Guides love you very much.  They are primarily concerned with your spiritual growth and are prepared to help you on your spiritual path.  They will provide loving guidance, but they will not make decisions for you nor tell you what to do.  This is your life, and you came to earth to learn and grow spiritually.  Most people have numerous learning experiences on their spiritual journey.  Connecting to your Spirit Guide can provide you with loving guidance, so that you have fewer learning experiences.

Your Spirit Guides are also on their own spiritual journey....so as you advance spiritually, you may have a more advanced Spirit Guide come into your life to assist you, and you may have more than one Spirit Guide at a time.

I will be delighted to help you connect with your Spirit Guide.  The communication will provide the validation you need, so you know that your Spirit Guide is with you on a daily basis.

To make an appointment or for more information, please email me at Sharlette.Pumphrey@aol.com or call me at 501-351-0962 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Central Time.

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