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Spiritual Medium

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Integrated Energy Therapy for Your Beloved Pets

  • It focuses on using the IET energy and techniques to support your pets in their wellness.
  • The IET techniques help clear energy blockages from the cellular memory of your pets.
  • An important step in clearing a pet's cellular memory is to clear it's owner's cellular memory.
According to Angel Ariel, “Pets are the embodiment of souls whose purpose it is to service human beings, teach them by example, and heal them. The spiritual significance of the beings that you call animals, especially the animals you call pets, is of utmost importance. For animals have been not only misunderstood, but also have been grossly mistreated through human ignorance and greed. It is said that God gave men and women dominion over all animals. The dilemma as seen from the angelic perspective is that most humans misunderstand what dominion means. It does not mean domination, nor does it mean using these divine beings for your own purposes as though they were objects. It does not mean the callous abuse or slaughter of these beings for your pleasure. It means the care and protection of these beings. In the divine plan, humans are the superior race of beings on the Earth. You are superior in many ways, yet not in all ways. For in some ways, the beings that you call your pets are superior to you.

There is a beautiful harmony in the divine plan, each piece being the counterpart of another. For these souls are placed in your world and in your lives as teachers, healers, and as powerful connections to the essence of the very heart of God. They have a natural connectedness and openness to the energy of the angelic realm and to the energy of the heart of God. As such, they serve as conduits or channels of that energy.  

Pets serve as a conduit to pull away your pain and your suffering. When you are sick, they are at your side. When you are experiencing distress in your life, their spiritual essence works through their physical form to help clear your energy body and heal you. They are what you might call empaths. They empathetically channel some of your distress away from you and pass it through their body to clear it. They will even take on an illness in order to clear you and help you so you do not have to experience the illness. They will even sacrifice their life willingly for the betterment of your life. Please understand that pets do value their own lives and will work hard to survive, that they understand that their place in the world is very much like that of an angel: to serve humanity. What humanity has forgotten is to lovingly accept this service and give pets the respect they deserve.”

Pets are in your world and in your life not only to create a divine reunion with the heart of God, but also to be the vessel to pull pain, suffering, illness, and harm out of your life. Honor your pet by providing it with an Integrated Energy Therapy session.