~ Sharlette Pumphrey ~
Spiritual Medium

Communication Tips:

If you wish to have a private communication session, please do not give me any personal details about your Loved Ones prior to your appointment. I will need your personal information: name, address, telephone number, email, etc, when we make your appointment.  

I will share with you everything I receive from your Loved Ones. My process is similar to “Cosmic Charades.” I have clues for some things but not everything that your Loved Ones want to share with you. I will need your response as to whether or not you understand the information given to me by your Loved Ones. The information Spirit provides will provide the validation you need of the continued life and presence of your Loved Ones. Skepticism is a good thing, but please set it aside during your communication session. Skepticism is a dense energy and can block the flow of communication. Open your heart and your mind, so that the Love sent to you by the members of your Spirit Family can flow.

  •  Invite your Loved One, Angel, or Spirit Guide to join us at the time of your appointment. Please tell that Spirit Being your questions and concerns.

  • Spirit beings communicate in a variety of ways – just like we do. I may receive their information in the form of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing, etc. I will share all the information I receive with you. Then I may ask questions to help understand the message.

  • My family works with me in the communication process. Seeing a mental picture of one of my family members is the clue that there is some type of parallel with your family members. I will provide information about my family member until we find the parallel.

  • The giving of names is usually given in the form of the first letter of the first name. They acknowledge people still on earth, people on the other side, and I like for them to tell me their names. I will be given a name to determine if the person acknowledged is female or male. The name also provides the first letter of the name being acknowledged.

  • When learning any new skill, there may be a period of adjustment, while your Loved One and I learn each other’s preference in the mode of communication.

  • Use short answers when responding to information received from Spirit and please be gentle in your responses. The connection with Spirit is a very fine thread. Instead of responding with “No,” answer with “I can’t remember at this time” or “I’m not sure.” These statements are much softer to the connection we have with Spirit.

  • Psychic amnesia. This happens to everyone. This is when you forget obvious details about your family/friends; so do not be concerned as the information will “click” later.

  • I have found that many from the Other Side desire to communicate with their family/friends. Therefore, please be open to Loved Ones you least expect to visit your communication session.

  • Know – deep within your heart – that we are Spirit Beings who are eternal. We Do Not Die!

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